Step #2
!Make a bookmark to favourites in your web browser right now. You will be leaving the internet and shutting down in this step, after which you will go back on the internet to resume this page.

The chipnumb.exe program you have just downloaded must be run from MS-DOS only. Shut down your computer to MS-DOS mode by:

Choose "Restart in MS-DOS mode"

You should see this screen:

Type "CD ..",[Enter]

Type "chipnumb", [Enter]
The program will run and stop, and display a corresponding Trident chipset number. Write this unique 3-digit or 4-digit number down. It will be something like 8900, 9000, 9400, 9397, 9420, 9660, 9680, 9685, 975, 9750, 985, 9850. If the program does not work, or something else happens otherwise, you do not have a Trident chipset in your computer.

Type "exit", [Enter] and the computer will restart back to your Windows. Go back on the internet, and come back to this bookmarked web page. Since you have identified the Trident chipset number, you can go onto the next step.

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