ĦEMobile Rack000000000000000ĦEExternal Box

SNT, founded in 1992, is one of the top professional manufacturers of Mobile Rack and
external box for HDD in Taiwan. SNT Information Co., Ltd. proudly presents our own
patent SNT brand Mobile Racks and Exteral Storage Boxes in the computer parts stores and
related companies of the countries in America Canada, Singapore,and Europe etc...

SNT aims to supply our customers with the highest quality and most economical storage
solution. With the aim of constant improvement and innovation on our products, SNT
devotes longterm investment to R&D and 100% quality inspection control on our systems. We
believe that you will find SNT products superior to any other on the market.

With the patent in Taiwan, China, Germany, and other countries our products include the following features:

ĦE ALL SNT models' inner & outer frames are compatible with each other--
Double security--Power Keylock control & Dune shape front panel
0000 (To prevent HDD from being taken out while HDD is working)
ĦE Portable-Your working Database. Where you go where you get it.
ĦE Auto HANDLE actuated release mechanism--Separated HD from the frame 000without screws or tools.
ĦE Easy to install & separate--
ĦE Stable voltage control design--
ĦE Provide 50 pins(SCSI)40 pins(At-BUS)and 68 pins(Wide SCSI)controller--
ĦE Can accommodate 1" & Half height 3.5" HDD--
ĦE Aluminum body(SNT-166 Series)--
ĦE External Box---with 1/2/4/8 Bays enclosures--