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Our Creed of the Mobile Rack
"The RH, SI, and SNT series are the world's three most popular manufactured Mobile Rack. RH, SI, and SNT are available from many vendors worldwide. Buying any other type can lead your data storage into extinction with proprietary technology. Users often make the mistake in buying unpopular Mobile Racks, only to find out shortly that they have been discontinued, or their supplier has gone out of business."

Manufacturers' Product Pages
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Detailed Measurements and Specifications of Specific Models
> SI-115A
> SI-117A
> SI-130WS
> SK-12A
> SNT-101A
> SNT-105A
> SNT-107AF
> SNT-126
> SNT: Important install tip
> RH-06-IDE
> RH-10-IDE
> RH-
> Aluminum vs. Plastic

> Unsorted Gallery of Removable Drive Frames

Q: What are installation requirements?
A: An entire kit is to be installed in any available 5,25" bay, just like installing another CD-ROM, or an old 5,25" floppy drive! Cooling is important, poor air ventilation will turn your caddy into an oven, trapping the heat from the hard drive. This is specially noted for ATA-33/66/100 drives. You want adequate air flow of fresh air coming outside from the front of the desktop computer, sucked thru the air gap of the frame and caddy, and drawn out thru the rear of the computer. The fan found inside all power supplies should be drawing air from inside the case, out thru the rear of the computer.

Q: How do I know my hard drive isn't overheating?
A: Check your computer after being powered on for 30 minutes. The hard drive is allowed to be very warm, but not hot to the point so you can't touch it. You can remove the top cover of the sled. If this still doesn't solve it, you may need to install a secondary cooling fan to draw air out of the case. Most desktop cases have space to mount extra fans. If in doubt, always purchase the removable drive with the built-in cooling fan. You can also mount harddisk cooling fans on another empty 5.25" bay on top of the mobile rack, to draw cold air to sweep across the top of the harddisk drive in the sled.

Popular Uses of the Mobile Rack

Removable harddisks are the perfect solution when one computer is being shared with many users, so each user has their own personal harddisk. Other popular uses include multiple operating systems, easy harddisk loading for both 3.5" drives and notebook drives, and ability to move large amounts of data by treating harddisks like giant removable cartridges.

  • Multiple Users on a Single Workstation - Each user can have their own hard drive, allowing them to share one single computer without any conflicts. Imagine a home, each family member with their own Mobile Rack and harddrive: Mom has her 4Gb harddrive with Windows95 and her desktop publishing, Dad has his 20Gb harddrive with WindowsNT and all his PGP software for secure eCommerce transactions, and Bart&Lisa have their own old 1.6Gb harddrive with Windows98, packed with the games and viruses.
  • Decrease Initial Hardware Costs - Instead of purchasing 90 cheap computers for 3 different labs that have 3 types of Operating Systems, divert funds to purchase 30 good computers, and 3 harddrives per computer. Classes will time share the lab, with one harddrive used in the mornings, another harddrive used in the afternoon, and another harddrive used at nights.
  • Decrease Maintenance Costs - If a student or user messes up the local harddrive, remove the drive from the computer, put the drive in a master reference computer, and reload the harddrive with cloning software. When the copy process is finished, put the harddrive back into the workstation for use.
  • Avoid Software Licensing Fees - Small Community Colleges can divert more funds towards better hardware by supplying student labs computers that are complete, but without the harddisk. Student will supply their own C: bootable drive, which has their software, applications, etc. This frees the school of any responsibilities to pay royalities for software licensing, and avoids maintenance over damaged software setup.
  • Save time and money - With the dropping prices of hard drives, cost per MegaByte with hard drives are far cheaper than any other type of removable media. Optical drives and other removable media are proprietary and expensive. Since the Mobile Rack makes file storage cheaper and faster, back up hundreds of megabytes in minutes, instead of hours. Instant backups at any desired time, instead of "waiting for the end of the day".
  • Transferring Data - The Mobile Rack drive carrier can be removed from a system for transporting data to another system.
  • Data Security - Removing and securing the Mobile Rack drive carrier for a system after use can prevent unauthorized data usage.
  • RAID Applications - Mobile Rack reliability has made it almost a standard in RAID and network applications where reliability is of great importance.
  • Notebook Drive Imaging/Ghosting - Institutes that deploy notebooks to students or employees can quickly restore corrupted notebooks. Reloading a notebook drive is easy, just remove the drive from the notebook, and place it in the mobile rack that is in your reference computer. Saves hundreds of dollars of hours by refraining from using conventional restore CDs supplied by manufacturer.

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